Design Points and Specifications for Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

Main Content

  • What is accessible bathroom(barrier-free toilet)
  • Main barrier-free facilities
  • Infant rooom
  • Accessible restroom specification
  • Infant rooom specification
Design points What is a barrier-free toilet room Toilet room, infant room with barrier-free facility
Beneficial group Disabled
Main facilities Thermostatic faucet
Automatic flush toilet
safety grab bar
Hand wash counter
toilet paper holder
Infant room Baby care station
Baby seat
Dressing table
Tea table
Barrier-free toilet room size specification Toilet door Width not less than 800mm
Horizontal handles at a height of 900mm
Emergency opening latch
Outside open design
Safety grab bar Vertical grab bar at 1200mm height
550mm from the floor
Multi-function station Length should not be less than 700mm
Width should not be less than 700mm
Height should be 600mm
Baby care station Should not exceed 500mm
750mm height
There should be safety measures or cuffs designed for babysitting

What is Accessible bathroom

barrier-free toilet room
Accessible toilet

In the airport, station, hospital, park, nursing home, and other public places, the barrier-free toilet is specially set up in the bathroom area. The barrier-free toilet is a separate toilet regardless of gender. It is equipped with special barrier-free facilities, including: special door bar which is convenient for wheelchair users and the people that need others to assist open, special sanitary ware, the safety handrails matched with the sanitary ware, etc., all of these are providing convenience for the disabled, the elderly or the women and children when go to the toilet.